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 Sub Category : COMPUTER BASE DVRs
 Product ID. :AD-FS2416SG
 REGULAR PRICE : $2799/- (USD)
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Cameras Not Included

viewanywhereDVR 2408SG is the perfect security and surveillance solution for home, office, school, factory, building and general use. It is a 16-channel DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that offers real-time video/audio recording and playback. Digitally recorded video is optimally compressed yet retains excellent image quality.

viewanywhereDVR 2408SG
integrates traditional security devices, controls remote PTZ cameras, and features remote monitoring, recording and control of multiple sites simultaneously. Its advanced motion detection feature avoids false alarms, and provides several methods to notify about intrusions or abnormal situations instantly. Its complete access control and audit log ensure a true secured environment. viewanywhereDVR 2400's hardware watchdog, SmartFile allocation and database-based video recordings guarantee system stability as well.

This Package Includes:
12pcs 3.6mm Cameras, CPU, 120 GIG HD, VIDEO CARD, CD R/W, 512 RAM, CRT 17?h MONITOR

Video Input 16 BNC ports
Audio Input 4 line ports (optional)
Watchdog 1
I/O ports 4 line ports (optional)
Max Display/Recording Rate 120 / 120 fps
Average Record Size per Day (Video only) 4.5 G bytes

Key Feature

??Excellent Display Quality and High Compression Ratio
With the complete integration of software and hardware, viewanywhereDVR provides excellent image display quality. It displays true 640x480 resolution images and eliminates the 'ghost effect' in motion video. HM (MPEG4-like) compression is mainly designed for CCTV applications. It provides near loss-less video quality and saves a great deal of disk space.

??Smart Saving during Recording
viewanywhereDVR automatically determines the recording frame rate based on the amount of movement. Lower frame rate is used for more static video, and higher frame rate for full motion video.

??Advanced Motion Detection and Tracking
viewanywhereDVR detects moving targets automatically and tracks the moving targets by a tracking block. viewanywhereDVR's motion detection feature reduces false alarms cause by from weather change, lightening changes, noise signal and prompt motion. viewanywhereDVR is sensitive to moving targets in bad lighting environments and not sensitive to camera shake (optional) and the auto-panning of PTZ cameras. And more, the moving object size can be filtered.

??Powerful Remote Control
Multiple clients can simultaneously monitor/control the same DVR site through the Internet or direct dial-up connection. Remote Viewer allows monitoring/recording of up to 16 remote cameras, remote control of PTZ cameras, remote record playback, and remote configuration of multiple DVR sites.

??Security and Stability
viewanywhereDVR provides four levels of ID and password protection, and keeps an audit log of 'log on and off' sessions, configuration changes and more. Its SmartFile management feature prevents disk fragmentation and increases system stability. Video recordings are saved in a database, optimizing storage utilization. What's more, viewanywhereDVR has a hardware watchdog that restarts the system automatically in case of system errors.

??Complete Integration
CCTV devices can be integrated into viewanywhereDVR. Through an RS485/RS232 converter, PTZ cameras or dome cameras can be remote controlled for panning, tilting, and zooming. Via an I/O card, viewanywhereDVR receives signals from traditional sensor devices to issue events and trigger external devices such as lights, switchers, gates, and other traditional alarm devices.

??Event Notifications
ViewanywhereDVR instantly sends out notifications when there is an abnormal situation or intrution. There are many ways to notify an event:
- Event notification includes phone, e-mail, fax, alarm sound and flashing message.
- Trigger traditional alarm device.
- Display the event camera in full screen.
- Send event reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

??Video Export
Snaps the current video frame and saves it to an image file or prints it out with location, date and time information. Save the video to an AVI or self-executable file. The self-executable file is embedded with digital authentication and password protection.

??Dynamic IP Support
Don't worry about viewanywhereDVR changing its IP address. You can check out its web cam pages by site name easily at the Dynamic IP Server. All sites posted at the Dynamic IP Server are protected by ID and password.

??Two-way Voice communication
Real time voice transmits between viewanywhereDVR server and client simultaneously in full duplex. Anywhere, you can talk to the guard beside viewanywhereDVR to help handle abnormal situations.

??Wide Dynamic Vision (optional)
Enhance the visibility in low light or backlighted environment, save storage space by reducing the camera signal noise, and increase the readability by the blurred texture.

??Pre-alarm Event Recording
Never miss out the cause by enabling the pre-alarm of event recording. An event record includes the completed minutes before and after the intrusion/abnormal moment.

??Listen to Remote Live Sound
Not only video surveillance but also sound monitoring remotely. The function is available at remote view web page and viewanywhereRemote program.

??Live Video Snapshot
Take a snapshot of live video is just a click. Five image processes, including brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and sharpness, enhance the snapshot quality. Beside, digital zoom function prevents you from missing any detail. All image processes and the digital zoom function are also available to Record Player's snapshot.

??Powerful Remote Management
viewanywhereRemote program allows users to view and record live video, download and replay video records from multiple remote DVR servers. In addition, viewanywhereRemote supports remote schedule recording, remote PTZ camera control, weighted bandwidth assignment, voice call and remote live sound. viewanywhereRemote also manages and groups remote cameras easily by an intuitive management user interface.

??Advance PTZ Control
Provides pan/tilt movements, zooming, speed control, iris and focus adjustment, auto-loop, auto-pan and other control commands. You can control the PTZ camera by joystick device and keyboard as well.

??Calendar Highlights Days that Have Video Records
A day of calendar has blue frame if the day has video records. The blue frames in the calendar represent status of video record database.

??Hue and Saturation Adjustment of Camera Video
In addition to brightness and contrast adjustment, the hue and saturation adjustment of camera video is available right at the front panel.

??Support 11 Languages
Includes English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese and Slovak versions.

Video/Audio Input
1-16 video/audio channels, NTSC and PAL.
Screen Display
Full screen, 1/4/6/7/9/10/13/16 split-screen layout, loop display.
Image Resolution
320x240, 640x240 and 640x480 (de-interlace) pixels.
Display/Recording Rate
Up to 120 fps (frame per second) for NTSC and 100 fps for PAL.
Video Adjustment Brightness, contrast, hue and saturation.
Video Recording
Non-stop recording, non-stop smart recording, event recording, pre-alarm event recording, time-lapse recording, and schedule recording.
Record Searching
1. Search records by time or by event.
2. Perform video/audio records playback up to 16 cameras simultaneously.
3. Fast forward up to 16x.
4. Calendar highlights days that have video records.
Snapshot of Live and Record
1. A single click takes a snapshot of live video or video record.
2. Support digital zoom to view the detail.
3. Five image processes enhance snapshot picture. They are brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and sharpness.
Video Compression Motion-JPEG, HM MPEG-4 like.
Device Control
Support I/O devices up to 4 sensor inputs and 4 relay outputs.
Motion Detection
Adjustable tolerance level to noise, sensitivity to motion, and size filtering for targets.
Event Alarming
1. Event notifications by phone, e-mail, fax, alarm sound, and flashing message.
2. Trigger traditional alarm devices.
3. Display the event camera in full screen.
4. Send event reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Provide an electronic map that lays out the locations of video cameras, sensor and alarm devices.
Storage Capacity
Support multiple storage locations.


1. Manual backup and daily auto-backup.
2. Backs up records to CD-RW and DVD-RW.
3. Backup record database includes event information.
Task Scheduling

Perform task scheduling for recording, event detection and event notification.

Video Export

1. Snap a video frame to an image file or print it out.
2. Save a portion of recording to an AVI file or a self-executable file. The self-executable file is with digital authentication and password protection.
PTZ Camera Control
1. Support major brands of PTZ cameras.
2. Pan/tilt movement, zooming, speed control, iris and focus adjustment, auto-loop, auto-pan and other control commands.
3. PTZ control over a joystick device or keyboard.
Remote Viewing
1. View remote cameras in the Microsoft Internet Explorer.
2. View remote cameras at a PDA device (Win CE).
3. View a remote camera at a mobile phone.
Remote Control
1. Allow multiple clients to simultaneously access DVR server through the Internet or direct dial-up connections.
2. View and control up to 16 cameras or DVR servers.
3. Support remote PTZ camera control.
4. Support remote records playback with/without downloading.
5. Provide remote configuration of the DVR server over the Internet.
6. Listen to remote live sound.
7. Two ways voice communication between DVR server and client.
8. Manage and group remote cameras by an intuitive management user interface.
Security and Stability
1. Four levels of access privileges.
2. The SmartFile management technology avoids disk fragmentation and increases system stability.
3. Provide hardware watchdog for system recovery.
4. Auto-restart DVR server to reset system.
Dynamic IP Support
Support check out web cam pages by the site name at the Dynamic IP Server.
Wide Dynamic Vision Pack (optional)
1. Enhance the video visibility in low light or backlighted environment.
2. Save storage space by reducing the camera signal noise.
3. Increase the readability by blurred texture.

System Requirements
?? Intel Pentium IV 2.0 G Hz CPU or above, or compatible CPU that supports MMX technologies.
?? 256 MB system RAM or above.
?? Any full duplex 8-bits sound card or above.
?? AGP SVGA display card with DirectDraw function support (with at least 16MB on-board RAM, 1024x768 resolution, hi-color display mode or above).
?? Display monitor is capable to display in 1024x768 screen resolution clearly.
?? Video source in NTSC or PAL video signal format.
?? Available hard disk space of 40GB or above, with a speed of 7200RPM is recommended.
?? 56K voice modem for event notification by phone and fax.
?? Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1 or Windows 2003 system.
?? DVR machine is usually running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. High quality motherboard, components and peripheral are required to maintain the stability. The DVR machine hardware configuration and the environment it deployed must consider the well heat dispelling also. Over-heated component is always the major cause of machine instability.

One of the following devices needs to be set up for remote monitoring:

?? 56K modem (For remote viewing through Internet connection or direct modem connection)
?? Ethernet network card (For remote viewing through LAN or Internet.)
?? ADSL modem or Cable modem (For remote viewing through Internet.)

Note: 1. A modem device can only support one functionality at the same time, either event notification, connecting to Internet or waiting for direct modem connection.
2. An audio device's audio input can not be shared by voice communication and video/audio recording simultaneously. If you want to enable the voice communication and a video/audio recording, you need to have two audio devices, one for the voice communication and another one for the video/audio recording. The audio device?fs audio output can be shared by voice communication and video/audio playback without problem.

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