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ViewanywhereDVR 2400 is the perfect security and surveillance solution for home, office, school, factory, building and general use. It is a 16-channel DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that offers real-time video/audio recording and playback. Digitally recorded video is optimally compressed yet retains excellent image quality. ViewAnyWhereDVR 2400 integrates traditional security devices, controls remote PTZ cameras, and features remote monitoring, recording and control of multiple sites simultaneously. Its advanced motion detection feature avoids false alarms, and provides several methods to notify about intrusions or abnormal situations instantly. Its complete access control and audit log ensure a true secured environment. ViewAnyWhereDVR 2400`s hardware watchdog, Smart File allocation and database-based video recordings guarantee system stability as well.

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Also, take advantage of our fingerprint door locks, car lcd monitors, access control and wireless alarms. They are state of the art technology and moving at high speed into the future.

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The ViewAnywhere 2400 is a true 16 channels of Surveillance System. The perfect solution for home, office, school, factory, and general security use. ViewAnywhere 2400 includes a variety of compression technologies to achieve the optimal result in good quality and high compression ratio. It integrates traditional security sensor devices, as well as controls remote PTZ cameras. It also supports a system level of access control and task program scheduling.