Video Input

16 BNC ports

Audio Input

4 line ports (optional)



I/O ports

4 line ports (optional)

Max Display/Recording Rate

120 / 120 fps

Average Record Size per Day (Video only)

4.5 G bytes

Key Feature

● Excellent Display Quality and High Compression Ratio
With the complete integration of software and hardware, VIEWANYWHERE provides excellent image display quality. It displays true 640x480 resolution images and eliminates the `ghost effect` in motion video. HM (MPEG4-like) compression is mainly designed for CCTV applications. It provides near loss-less video quality and saves a great deal of disk space.

● Smart Saving during Recording
VIEWANYWHERE automatically determines the recording frame rate based on the amount of movement. Lower frame rate is used for more static video, and higher frame rate for full motion video.

● Advanced Motion Detection and Tracking
VIEWANYWHERE detects moving targets automatically and tracks the moving targets by a tracking block. VIEWANYWHERE`s motion detection feature reduces false alarms cause by from weather change, lightening changes, noise signal and prompt motion. VIEWANYWHERE is sensitive to moving targets in bad lighting environments and not sensitive to camera shake (optional) and the auto-panning of PTZ cameras. And more, the moving object size can be filtered (Optional)

● Powerful Remote Control
Multiple clients can simultaneously monitor/control the same DVR site through the Internet or direct dial-up connection. Remote Viewer allows monitoring/recording of up to 16 remote cameras, remote control of PTZ cameras, remote record playback, and remote configuration of multiple DVR sites.

● Security and Stability
VIEWANYWHERE provides four levels of ID and password protection, and keeps an audit log of `log on and off` sessions, configuration changes and more. Its Smart File management feature prevents disk fragmentation and increases system stability. Video recordings are saved in a database, optimizing storage utilization. What`s more, VIEWANYWHERE has a hardware watchdog that restarts the system automatically in case of system errors.

● Complete Integration
CCTV devices can be integrated into VIEWANYWHERE. Through an RS485/RS232 converter, PTZ cameras or dome cameras can be remote controlled for panning, tilting, and zooming. Via an I/O card or an I/O box, VIEWANYWHERE receives signals from traditional sensor devices to issue events and trigger external devices such as lights, switchers, gates, and other traditional alarm devices.

● Event Notifications
VIEWANYWHERE instantly sends out notifications when there is an abnormal situation or intrusion. There are many ways to notify an event: - Event notification includes phone, e-mail, fax, alarm sound and flashing message.
- Trigger traditional alarm device.
- Display the event camera in full screen.
- Send event reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

● Video Export
Snaps the current video frame and saves it to an image file or prints it out with location, date and time information. Save the video to an AVI or self-executable file. The self-executable file is embedded with digital authentication and password protection.

● Two-way Voice communication
Real time voice transmits between VIEWANYWHERE server and client simultaneously in full duplex. Anywhere, you can talk to the guard beside VIEWANYWHERE to help handle abnormal situations.

● Night Vision and Sharpness (optional)
With night vision and sharpness post image filters, dark or unclear images (or parts of image) from a video source can be enhanced impressively for viewing.


Video/audio Input

1~16 video/audio channels (NTSC or PAL)

Screen Display

Full screen, 1/4/6/7/9/10/13/16 split-screen layout, loop display.

Image Resolution

320x240, 640x240 and 640x480 pixels.

Display/Recording Rate

Each camera is up to 30 IPS (Image Per Second) for NTSC and 25 IPS for PAL.

Video Recording

Non-stop recording, recycling recording, event recording, scheduled recording, Smart Saving recording.

Smart Searching


Play back up to 16 video/audio records simultaneously.


Slow down or increase the playback speed. Zoom in or out the video.


In addition to searching on a timeline and event basis, apply motion detection to spot movements on video instantly.

Video Compression

Includes industry standard Motion-JPEG compression, and ViewAnywhere Laboratories proprietary technologies, ViewAnywhere-Media and Smart Saving.

Multitask Function

Monitoring, recording, record searching, playback, backup, motion detection and remote view.

Device Control


Support the integration of traditional security sensor and alarm devices.


Controls PTZ cameras for panning, tilting and zooming.

Motion Detection

Supports noise signal tolerance, defines the sensitivity level, display tracking block, and eliminates prompt motion to avoid false alarm.

Event Alarming


Event notification includes phone, e-mail, fax, alarm sound and flashing message.


Trigger traditional alarm device.


Display the event camera in full screen.


Send event reports daily, weekly, or monthly.


Provide an electronic map that lays out the locations of video cameras, sensor and alarm devices.

Storage Capacity

Support multiple storage locations. Each storage can define its camera set.


Make backup of video recordings by manual or by daily schedule. (The supported backup media includes HDD, DVD RAM, CD-RW, DAT, MO, ZIP, RAID or FDD.)

Task Scheduling

Perform task scheduling for recording, event detection and event notification.

Video Export


Snap a video frame to an image file or print it out.


Save a portion of recording to an AVI file or a self-executable file. The self-executable file is embedded with digital authentication and password protection.

Remote Control


Multiple clients monitor/control the same DVR sites simultaneously through Internet and direct dial-up connections.


Monitor/record up to 16 remote cameras.


Remote control PTZ camera.


Remote record playback.


Remote configure DVR site.


Dynamic IP address support.


Two-way voice communication.

Security and Stability


Four levels of access privileges.


SmartFile management prevents disk fragmentation and increase system stability.


Hardware watchdog for system error.

Night Vision (optional)

Makes the video visible even if the field of view is in a low illumination environment. Sharpens the blurred texture or text caused by focus loss. Filters moving object size to reduce false alarms.


Due to the fact that Viewanywhere is accessible remotely and works directly across a LAN it uses very little communication or bandwidth. Viewanywhere carries a push LAN protocol and decreases pockets across the network.

If the communication Server is high ADSL, fractional T1 or full T1 Viewanywhere will utilized very little bandwidth and minimal LAN time.

Viewanywhere will not pull down the network, it is the remote monitoring pulls down the network. Since the remote / central monitoring network usage could be calculated as below.

Mpeg-4 frame size average = 1.6KByte / frame Channels * frame rate * 1.6KByte * 8bit = the network usage. I think 5 FPS is good enough to do central monitoring with many channels.

For example. 16CH * 5 FPS * 1.6KByte * 8 bit = 1024K bit = 1Mb

15 locations * 1Mb = 15Mb

15Mb * 130% (overhead) = 19.5 Mb

If they are using 100Mb network... It seems not a big problem on your network. Regarding the remote monitoring and the loss of 2% network usage will not create any impact on the network.